Very first post

Hi there! this is my first post on this blog... soo scary... I have a blog for me now!! I don´t know exactly what to say (or write) but just to welcome you to my place. Here I intent to show all things I like to do, where I find inspiration and what I do with that. Before saying anything else I´d like to ask you to forgive my english spelling and grammar, it´s not my mother languaje and though I´m checking all my spelling before writing I know I´m full of mistakes. Thanks for your undestanding.
I didn´t do any crafting so far this week... I´ll start after I finish this post, but I did some cooking instead! I love to cook, for me is another way of art, where you start with some ingredients, combine them in a predicted way  sometimes (and not so predictable way others...) and you find at the end something that not only can be enjoyed with your tastebuds, but also with you eyes. But what I believe the most important feature while cooking is that it always has a part of me. This time I did a recipe following Heidi´s wonderful appetizer Baked sweet potato falafel. A few years ago I found Heidi´s blog and I started turning my cooking more in the healthy way as she shows with her delicious and easy to prepare recipes. Here is what they looked like before getting into the oven

and this is how they turn out

I baked them following the recipe´s directions and we had them with a modified alioli (oil, garlic, mayo, plain natural yogurt, salt and pepper). This is the second time I make them and they are always a success.
For not knowing what to say I said a lot.... that´s me!


Lynne Armstrong said...

YAY...Ileana you have a blog!!! Congratulations. It looks fantastic and your falafels look soooo yummy. I love sweet potato! Have fun with the blog and show us lots of your beautiful work :)

Michelle said...

Ileana!!! Your blog is awesome!! I love the background and that it looks like a journal! Love the name and your blog banner up top! So happy!! Wow, youre sharing recipes and art, love it!! Congratulations!!



Rhonda Miller said...

Ileana, I love your blog. I can't wait to see your crafty creations. You do such a great job. I'm now following you.

Gina Lindsay said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, it's a lot of fun! I have made so many new friends through blogging, some I have even gotten to meet in person. These look delicious, can't wait to see what else you post.

Elizabeth P said...

Beautiful blog Ile!!! I´m very glad for you!
Your baked sweet potato falafel look sooo delicious! you know I don´t like cooking but I like eating! so I should try this recipe :)