{Attitude!} blog award

I got this great award from my blog land friend and amazing crafter Marilyn, thank you so much for thinking of me!!! please, pay a visit to her blog, you won´t be disappointed!
In order to claim my prize I have to say three things about my creative self:
1) I usually hand make everything, where I live is hard to find craft supplies so I have to create with whatever I have at hand. I love that! that´s why I don´t complain, it keeps my creativity in shape ☺ (and my bank account alive!)
2) I color manly with colored pencils, nowadays markers are the most popular coloring media, we are not so many who still color in the old ways, but I also like to color with simple things like crayons (a technique I was introduced by Dorcas).
3) I like to recycle. I recycle whatever I find and use them on my crafts and cards, to me they have a hidden potential that I just need to reveal (my fiance doesn´t agree completely with me in that aspect, but he lets me create without complains and always encourages me to do it!).

Also, I have to nominate 5 blogs (hard decision...):
you ladies are my source of inspiration, I´m so very glad you let me follow your creative journey I learn so much from you, thank you! Please go to Digi´s with attitude to find out more about this award!


Dorcas said...

Awwwww..Illeana you're so sweet! Thank you, I love it!
I enjoyed reading your three things. It's pretty cool to sue what you have and find new uses for non crafty things too. It's like kids who have fewer toys having more fun cos they experiment more.
Hugs, Dorcas

cheryl said...

oh my dear Ileana,I am so chuffed you gave me this award,that really is so super kind of you,and I will take it with pride,hun,and post it on my blog,
once again sweetie,many many thanks,you really are an inspiraition,and I blessed the day you found my blog,take care love hugs cheryl xxxxx

Karen Wilson said...

Hi Ileana! I just received your comment from my Lasting Memories Challenge blog and I've added a link there now. Can't wait to see your work! Your blog is awesome and lots of talent here!!

Kathie ~ Beary Wishes said...

How thoughtful Ileana! I am honored to have been picked for this award! You are so talented and full of inspiration and I am SO happy that we have crossed paths. I consider you a true blog friend! I will proudly display this award on my blog.
Big hugs, Kathie

Gina said...

Huge WOOHOO! :D Congratulations on your award Ileana :D XXX

Catherine said...

Thank you so much Ileana ! You are such a talented Lady, I admire your work very much and it's always such a pleasure to visit your blog ! Hugs and love from Catherine