Faux Toile

I was reading some blogs I follow and always I´m completely amazed by all the talented people who share the same passion as I do, all of you are really AWESOME, inspiring and creative... I decided then to give a try to this fabulous technique. I read it first on this post by the overly talented Maureen (you can pay her a visit and be inspired by her wonderful cards too).
After learning what was this about, I made these three cards following the directions you can find here. I started by using some yellow cardstock I had for ages on my stash (so it wouldn´t hurt if I messed them up...) and different stamp pads, finish them in no time at all and with a few little touches I found myself smiling at such nice cards after a overwhelming and tiring day.

Stamping does good to the soul

I should paint this in huge letters somewhere in my house so I don´t forget it... here are my cards individually, I´m going to make more and more and more of them... loving this technique!

Have a wonderful day!