An Angel and a Friend

I wanted to show my old work sometime, and this is the right time. Since I don´t have anything new to show and so much that I never showed before here is a poem I decorated

it was a birthday gift I made for my fiancé 3 years ago. It´s the most lovely poem I ever read and it was just perfect for what I wanted to say and didn´t know how... I´ll try to translate it to english, so please forgive all mispelling and grammar, and I´ll use masculine gender because it´s easier for me, hope it make sense as it does in Spanish!
An Angel and a Friend
An angel doesn´t choose us, God assign him to us.
A friend takes us by the hand and bring us near God.
An angel´s duty is to take care of us,
a friend takes care of us because he loves us.
An angel helps you to prevent you from having problems,
a friend helps you to solve them.
An angel sees you , and he´s unable togive you a hug,
a friend hugs you because he can not see you suffer.
An angel sees you smile and watches your joys,
a friend make you smile and involves you in his joys.
An angel knows when you need to be listened,
a friend listens to you without saying you need to be listened.
An angel, in fact, is part of your dreams,
a friend strugles for your dreams to become true.
An angel is always there, he knows how to miss you,
a friend, when he´s not with you, not only misses you but also thinks of you.
An angel watches over your dreams,
a friend dreams with you.
An angel celebrates your successes,
a friend helps you to success.
An angel worries when you are not feeling good,
a friend lives for you to feel good.
An angel hears your prayers,
a friend makes a prayer for you.
An angel helps you to survive,
a friend lives for you.
To an angel you are the most beautiful mission to achieve,
to a friend you are a tresure to defend.
An angel is something celestial,
A friend is the opportunity to get to know
the beauty of live
"love and friendship".
An angel wants to be your friend,
a friend, without meaning to do so, is also your Angel.

This trio is made with three canvas (dollar canvas I must say) I painted with blue acrylic paints. The trees tops are made of ligh blue cardstock I sponged with the same acrylic paint and some blue glitter, I used the same technique with the hearts and added them with foam tape. It´s really simple and easy to make, I should start making these kind of crafts again, it´s so much fun!
I didn´t do any creative thing in 2 days and I feel like I hadn´t be stepped in my craftroom for a week... the good news: tomorrow is Friday!!!


Nancy said...

OH this is so beautiful, Ileana:O) Love the wonderful poem and beautiful colours.
I have a little award for you in my blog, enjoy:O)
Have a lovely weekend.
Hugs, Nancy;O)

Lynne Armstrong said...

This is so beautiful Ileana :)

Michelle said...

Ileana, you had me at "An Angel and a Friend"!!! OMG, I am crying right now, but in a good way!! How beautiful is this poem and how lucky your fiance was to recieve it!