Party invites cards and an award

My niece Sofía is turning 15 on March next year (2011) and in my country we celebrate that with a lovely party. I ofered to make her the invites, so I made a few cards for her to choose and I wanted to show them here today. The fronts and the insides of the cards:

I already sent them all and I´m waiting for them to get to her and after that she will tell me which one she likes most (or not!), hopefuly she´ll like at least one, lets wait....

I got an award!! whooo hooo!!! it´s my first one, that´s why I´m so happy!! the oversweet Nancy gave it to 10 ladies and one of them it´s me! Thanks so much Nancy!!!!
I have to say 10 things that make me happy and pass the award to other 10 people.

1. to see my dayghter smile
2. the kiss my sweethear gives me every morning to wake me up
3. learn
4. laugh
5. coloring
6. the sunshine
7. crafting
8. surfing the web
9. a cup of coffee shared with friends
10. a sweet dessert
And so many more... but I have to say only 10 and I think these make the top 10. Now I have to give it to other 10 people:

I´m starting to know these ladies, and young ladies, and their amazing amount of talent each of them have. They inspire me so much... thank you all!!


Pattie G said...

Ileana, thank you so much for this award. Is there a blinkie to go with it? If not that is fine. You are so very talented and kind...


PS I love all of these invitations. I am sure Sofia will find one or two that she likes.

Gina Lindsay said...

I think it would be hard o pick out a favorite, they are all very lovely. Thanks for the award!

Marilyn Webb said...

Hi Ileana,
thanks for the award, I am glad to have the chance to get to know you, I just love all the work you do. Great invitations, I wonder how she will chose, they are all so beautiful.

Tammy said...

Ahhh...thanks for the award! I'll get this done tomorrow!! Sorry, I'm a little slow!! LOVE all of your invitations!!!! You are just the nicest aunt!!! Hugs to you my sweet friend!!

Elizabeth P said...

Thank you very much for the award Ileana!!! I´m really glad! ;)