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As school has started and most of you are back to rutine, I wanted to get back to some of my rutines too but I´m having a very hard time organizing myself to reach my goals (some of them here): keeping my house organized and clean; and crafting almost everyday.
So, for the first one I´m participating at a wonderful challenge set by Katrina, it´s amazing at how well organized this lady is! when I came across this challenge I felt a bit intimidated by it, but I know I´m a brave girl and finaly I singed up to the challenges, so far I´m not able to complete the task everyday (as I work full time) but I´m doing more than I thought I could do after work (horray for me!) and trying to finish the rest during weekends. I´ll posting my progress here ☺
For the second, I signed up to this (so far wonderful!) online class Kristina and Jennifer are teaching. Yesterday we had our first class and I was completely blown up by the quality of it, by the degree of detail involved, I know this class is going to be a turning point in my crafting life ☺ Then, after taking the lesson, and being inspired by the teachers, I did this card:

my stamping is not good yet, it has to be improved (a lot!!) but for now it´s ok... I wanted a masculine card (the most challenging for me), and I used all supplies I had in my stash. Here you have a front view

Thank you for stopping by!


Sueli Pinheiro said...

Hola Ileana,
Te ha quedado monísima tu tarjeta. Me encanta el kraft.
No he recibido tu email, y no puedo contestarte por email tampoco. No me llega tu dirección. Por eso he venido hasta aqui. Que bueno, pues he descubierto un lindo blog.
Mi dirección es:
Me quedo aqui esperando por tu correo.
Besitos y bendiciones..

Clay and Amy said...

Nice job with your old supplies! I think it's really cool that you saved a lot of different things that are not 'technically' card making supplies. I'll have to start looking at things more creatively!