Since the beginning of times...

It all started the 26th of January 2010... I remember that year was very cold, it even snowed here!

it was a really huge jump from my comfort zone, but I did it! that oh-so-scary day I started this, my beloved blog; and that day it also started this wonderful journey about meeting amazing people, about being challenged and inspired by talented people all around the world.

I remember my first post (you can read it here), I was so nervous! and I didn´t know where to start, so I started with something I was confident enough not to make a shame of myself (so silly of me!), it was a wonderful and very yummy recipe Heidi concocted. I still make it, you should try it if you didn´t already.
After the first one, posting seemed not soy scary and I stated sharing with you my crafts. And all along these three years (3 years!!!) you were with me, helping me grow, helping me build my self-esteem, helping with my confidence, and allowed me to be myself. You were also with my ups and downs, with my most difficult moments.

Keeping this blog alive was (and still is!) very important to me, and for that I want to thank you all, for still stopping by when I don´t have much to show you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! you all make my day, everyday!
OMG! it was a looong time since my last post!! but I´m trying to make a weekly plan to start blogging again. I really miss all the fun of blogging and miss all my blogger friends. On a personal level I´m starting another scary road: I´m finishing my PhD; and now it has a real and a-so-near end. This feels as scary as my first blog post, but I know I can make it, and I will! you´ll see
Image shared from my Instagram: me at the lab
Because I want to re-launch my blog, I´m planning to show you all crafts and cooking I´ve been making, sharing some tutorials (if times permit), talk about some beautiful people I met, and what my liking are lately. You can follow me on Instagram to see more of my daily life. And you are invited to be with me on this final and important path I have to cover. That means you´ll hearing me complain all the time about my thesis writing hahahahaha!
thank you in advance, all my best to all of you and see you soon!


Marybeth said...

I remember when I started my blog too. I had no idea what I was doing. Off to check things out. Also looking for your less is more card. Hugs!