Tarjeteria Solidaria - ♥ - {Cardmaking for a cause}

Good day everyone! today I want to talk about this wonderful project about using our love for crafts Sueli started a year ago. From a such a generous heart as Sueli´s the idea was starting to get shape and finally she made it real, she got help from other caring souls who sent craft material to work with, we started making cards and paper related crafts with one main goal: to help families that are having a difficult time.
You have a special place in my heart
¡Hola a tod@s! una vez mas quiero compartir con ustedes acerca de este proyecto que Sueli armó hace un año ya (¡como pasa el tiempo!). Sueli, siendo una persona con un corazón infinitamente generoso empezó a darle forma a esta idea de cómo ayudar a los demas a través de nuestro hobbie: la tarjeteria; hubo personas, con corazones igualmente generosos, que donaron material con el que trabajar, y asi empezamos este camino de hacer tarjetas y manualidades en papel con un único objetivo: ayudar a aquellas familias que estan pasando por momento difícil.

Here I´m to show you some cards I made in collaboration with this project we call {Cardmaking for a cause} (Tarjeteria solidaria in Spanish). We are a group of people that gather on Fridays to make some cards and by selling them we are making profits to help those in need with food or simply paying some of their bills. I love to be part of this project! for now we are just a modest group but we are confident we´ll be able to "recruit" more supporting people.

Hoy quiero mostrarles algunas tarjetas que hice colaborando con este proyecto: Tarjeteria Solidaria. Somos un grupo de gente que nos reunimos los Viernes para hacer tarjetas con el fin de poder venderlas y asi recaudar dinero para ayudar a aquellos que mas lo necesitan, ya sea en forma de comida o pagando sus facturas. ¡Me encanta ser parte de este proyecto! por ahora solo somos un grupo modesto pero creemos que somos capaces de convencer a mas gente solidaria a que participe.

If you are far away from Madrid to participate actively on this project, we have other means like buying our cards by contacting Sueli. We need more people who likes to support causes as this one, so we´ll be making it easy for you. We have a facebook group you can join and get the latest news.

Si no vivís en el area de Madrid y no podes participar activamente en este proyecto, tenemos otras maneras en las que podes participar, solo hace falta que contactes con Sueli y ya te pondemos el camino fácil para que puedas hacerlo. Tambien tenemos un grupo en facebook para que estes al tanto de las ultimas novedades.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great day!

¡Muchas gracias por pasar por mi blog y que tengas un buen dia!


Sueli Pinheiro said...

Están muy lindas todas! Tu siempre inspirada!

Stef H said...

hi I. what a nice surprise! it's ALWAYS good to hear / see you. i am well and hope you are too. i really do think of you. my life is just so busy but all is well. i'm selling (or trying to) my house but not moving far. i want to remain close to my church.

by all means, you can case anything i do... anytime.

but nice to stay in touch.

many hugs :)

Marybeth said...

Found it! What a neat tag and I love the step by step. Thanks for sharing the step by step.