Toledo, a "must" if you visit Spain

Toledo is a gorgeous city where you can let yourself get lost wandering its norrow stone paved streets if you want to really enjoy it. We have been visiting Toledo three times already and I always want to come back again... If you visit Spain someday, you have to stop by Toledo, you won´t be dissapointed.
We travel to the city yesterday (Thursday), it was an hour far trip, very near Madrid. The day was so sunny, so bright... and so full of people! it was a holiday here in Spain, so that´s why everybody was there... even us.
This is the main door, where you enter the city walls, it´s all made of stone and it´s been there before XVI century when it was reconstructed.
Here you can see the moorish heritage in these gorgeous tiles that decorate the tiny balcony and in the windows of the tower.
With the city walls behind us and after 2 hours of walking we looked for a place where to have lunch
we found a tiny restaurante: La Virgen de la Estrella, it´s in the very entry of the city so you can not miss it, and because the weather was so nice we had lunch outside
the tipical dish in this region of Spain (Castilla la Mancha) is called Migas, it´s made out of crumb bread that is sauteed in olive oil with galic, bacon and spanish sausage, and on top is placed a fried egg. Delicious dish! For desert I had Cuajada, it´s like a plain yogurt that is served with a nice dollop of honey on top. Yummy!!
The cathedral is an amazing piece, where you can spend hours looking at all the details, so beautiful... The streets are so narrow, that in some of them cars can not enter, you can almost touch your neighbour from your balcony if you stretch enough your arms
The city was built on the highest point of the area, then on top of the narrow you are going to find steep streets... Can you see the handrail on the right side of the right picture? I imagine it can be hard to walk though some streets during winter.
And last (but not least!) there is a tipical pastry in Toledo called Mazapan, they are marzipan figurines
we bought a fish marzipan (that my sweethart cut before I took the picture....) with a sweet spaghetti squash filling, another delicious sweet!
And after 2 more hours of walking (after lunch) we came back home making plans to visit Toledo again.
Hope you can visit this lovely city with such amazing history behind, if you do so, please, let me know! I´ll go with you.


Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing your pics and experiences. I so, so, so want to go to Spain.

Stef H said...

oh it was just like being there! thank you so much for such a fabulous tour!

and you look gorgeous!

Lynne Armstrong said...

Hi Ileana...beautiful photos...and story of your trip. It looks wonderful. And so does the food!! I think I'd look like the side of a house if I lived there cause I'd just constantly eat nice food LOL!
The photo of you and your sweetheart is lovely. Now I have a face to put to your name :) It would be so nice to go there with you one day...I just need to win the lotto!!!
Big hugs

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, what a trip. It sounds like you had fun. I love the pics. TFS.

Michelle said...

Ileana, what a beautiful post! I enjoyed reading about all the beautiful sights of Toleda! Hard to believe there are still Morrish influences still there! Now I'm hungry looking at all the goodies you had for lunch!! Thanks for sharing your trip to Toledo, Ileana!



Kathy Czygan said...

Ileana....What a great place to go! Your photos of Toledo are beautiful. It's so "old world" with the narrow streets and the buildings are fabulous looking. Lots of history I'm sure. Thanks for the little tour. I love the picture of you and your Sweety. :)

Cat said...

What a wonderful trip! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. I take pictures of food too, and my husband and sons think it's so funny! So glad to see that I'm not the only one! :)